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t goes without saying that Algonquin is best know for its canoe tripping but scads of campers, hikers, backpackers, and cross country skiers will let you know that the park has a lot more to offer than that. Unfortunately, cyclists are often overlooked in the discussion but they shouldn't be. The Minnising Trail is a great cross country ride with a set of loops that let you choose what you can handle today. The trail is just off the park's main corridor, so access is not a problem. There is parking at the trailhead. You'll also find another short mountain bike trail in Algonquin South. In addition the park's rail trail is a great ride for the whole family and is accessible from several of the parks corridor campgrounds. Outside the parks' eastern entrance you'll find some of Ontario's finest mountain bike areas in Muskoka, Simcoe and the Grey-Bruce region. And south of the park is the well know Haliburton Forest.

  Entrance to Minnising


Mountain Biking

The Minnising Trail - Beginner, Intermediate

The trail is set aside for mountain biking in the park, with varied terrain ranging from sandy flats to rolling hills. The trail consists of four overlapping loops with distances of 4.7km, 10.1km, 17.1km and 23.4.km. The longest loop will take you north of Canisbay Lake, around Linda Lake and back around the west side of Polly Lake. In the winter the trail is used for cross country skiing. The trail is in the southern sector off of Hwy 60 and very easily accessible.

Byers Lake Mountain Bike Trail - Intermediate, Linear, 13km Return

The trail is locate in Algonquin south and can be reached from the Kingscote Access Point from Highway 648. There are some climbs and steep descents but the highlight is the side trail which takes you to the Gut Rapids canyon on the York River.



Mew Lake/Rock Lake Trail (The Old Railway Bike Trail) - Beginner, Linear, 10km

This is an old rail line which has been converted to a bike trail. It runs between the Mew Lake and Rock Lake campgrounds, a distance of 10km and passes by Kearney, Coon and Pog Lakes where you'll find access points..

For information on outdoor guiding, instruction or bike rentals, for the park have a look at our Guides and Outfitters section.


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