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The park has excellent backcountry camping on an extensive, well developed, but often overlooked hiking trail network. The trails vary in length from six to over eighty kilometres, with varying levels of difficulty, offering you a lot of different options for a trip. Overlapping loop trails provide you with the same entrance and egress point but you can also put together an out and back if you wish. Trailheads are located on the edges of the park as well as along the corridor. Of course hikers can also take advantage of sections of the trails for a day hike.

Contact the park for permits and reservation information ($fees). A map of the trails can be purchased from the Friends of Algonquin Park. For more information consult the map section.

  Algonquin Backpacker


Western Uplands Trail - Intermediate Expert, Multiple Loops and Linear

Main access off Hwy 60 near the west gate but can be accessed off of route 11 through Kearney. This is a serious backpacking area which is often over shadowed by the parks canoe reputation. There are over 100km (includes loop sections) of trail with dozens of campsites along route, many or which are lakeside.


Highland Backpacking Trail - Intermediate, Loops

Located in the center of the parks main corridor off Highway 60. The trail consist of two loops with a total length of about 33km. The shorter most accessible loop circles Provoking Lake.


Eastern Pines Backpacking Trail - Novice, Intermediate - Loops

Located in the parks eastern section outside of the main corridor its accessible from Hwy 17. This is a great place to bring novices since the trail provides camping not far from the trail head with options that are more challenging.


For information on outdoor guiding, instruction or canoe and equipment rentals, for the park have a look at our Guides and Outfitters section.

For current conditions, along with definitive information on the park, contact the park authorities. For regional information check with the local chambers of commerce and tourism offices. Outdoor shops, outfitters and clubs in the vicinity of the park may be other excellent sources of information.


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