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Algonquin Park Hiking


Lakeside Trail Algonquin  

Hiking Trails

While the park is world famous for paddling and canoe camping, it definitely doesn't stop there. Hiker's (and backpackers) will find a broad selection of trails to choose from. The trails provide an up close view of the parks different natural areas. Difficulty varies, but you'll find something for everyone. There are printed guides available for each of the hiking trails in the park available from the Friends of Algonquin website.

  • Booth's Rock Trail - Intermediate, Loop The Booth's Rock Trail is 5.1km long starting at rock lake and looping back in a rough triangle.
  • Centennial Ridges Trail - Intermediate/Expert Loop Centennial Ridges Trail is about 10km long starting at coon lake.
  • Brent Crater Trail - Novice, Loop While only 2km long the trail leads to a 3km wide meteorite crater. Just off Brent road.
  • Hardwood Lookout Trail - Novice, Two Loops Easy hike of less than a km through a beautiful deciduous forest. Off hwy 60 opposite smoke lake.
  • Whiskey Rapids Trail - Novice, Loop A relatively easy hike with access from hwy 60 about 7km from the western entrance.
  • Spruce Bog Boardwalk - Novice, Loop An easy walk through an interesting bog area which wouldn't be accessible without the boardwalk.
  • Hemlock Bluff Trail - Novice, Loop The trail is 3.5km starting from hwy 60 and looping up to Jack Lake.
  • Track and Tower Trail - Intermediate Towards the center of the park off hwy 60 the trail has a looped (about 7km)section or a longer section (about 10km) leading to Mew Lake Campground
  • Berm Lake Trail - Novice, Loop This is a nice trail looping around Berm Lake and starting just off Achray Road
  • Bat Lake Trail - Novice, Loop Some climbing is required to the lookout on this 5k loop leaving from hwy 60.
  • Barron Canyon - Novice, Loop Far from the main corridor access from hwy 17 this is an easy walk leading to a spectacular vista over looking the Barron River
  • Beaver Pond Trail - Novice, Loop This a nice walk for nature buffs with the work of the beavers being easily observed.
  • Mizzy Lake Trail - Intermediate, Loop This is a 13km loop through mixed terrain and touching on a number of lakes. The trail is just off highway 60.
  • Peck Lake Trail - Novice, Loop An easy loop off hwy 60 following the edge of the lake.
  • Two Rivers Trail - Novice, Loop A short trail off hwy 60 with some climbing to provide a nice view of the Madawaska.
  • Lookout Trail - Novice, Loop Only 1.9 km but provides a nice view of the surrounding country side, off hwy 60.

See our resources section for more on the trail's brochures.

Algonquin Park Map - Wonderful online map created by Jeffrey McMurtrie under Creative Commons - make a contribution to show your appreciation.

Algonquin Map

For information on outdoor guiding, instruction or canoe and equipment rentals, for the park have a look at our Guides and Outfitters section.

For current conditions, along with definitive information on the park, contact the park authorities. For regional information check with the local chambers of commerce and tourism offices. Outdoor shops, outfitters and clubs in the vicinity of the park may be other excellent sources of information.


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