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Algonquin Park Nature


  Bull Moose in Swamp  

Algonquin Flora &Fauna

The park is known for its easily observed (remember they are still wild, so keep a good distance) wildlife. Moose particularly are a very common site throughout the park. In addition you may see loons, black bear, white tailed deer, wolves (or at least hear them) and a host of amphibians and reptiles.


Over 250 bird species have been sited including thrush, thrashers, grouse, warblers, jays, chickadees, buntings and of course the avian symbol of the outdoors the common loon.

Nature Brochures


The following is an abriviated list of some of the parks animals with links to more information from Wikipedia..

Canadian Ecology Center - Mattawa

Have a look at our at our Resources section where you'll find information of books, pamphlets, maps and more for the park.


For current conditions, along with definitive information on the park, contact the park authorities. For regional information check with the local chambers of commerce and tourism offices. Outdoor shops, outfitters and clubs in the vicinity of the park may be other excellent sources of information.


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