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Northern Manitoba from Forest to Tundra : A Canoeing Guide and Wilderness Companion The book details over 25 routes in northern Manitoba including the Pigeon, the Berens, the Churchill and the Seal. The book opens with an introduction to the regions geology, history and ecology. This is followed by a section on trip planning and what you should expect. The route descriptions include access, difficulty, time, commitment and the topographical maps required. The descriptions may also include alternative routes and references to other information sources.  
Northern Manitoba from Forest to Tundra
Author: Paul M. Gahlinger
Publisher: G.B. Communications
Paperback: 95 pages, 1995

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Canoeing Manitoba Rivers: South
  Canoeing Manitoba Rivers: South The book covers over twenty rivers in the southern reaches of the province of Manitoba including the Assiniboine, Berens, Black, Bloodvein, Little Saskatchewan and more. Each route description includes the type, difficulty, distance, time, access, egress, season and the topographical maps required. In addition the book includes information on charters, transportation, outfitters and trip planning.
Author: John D. Buchanan
Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books
Paperback: 2001

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