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Cross Country Ski Clubs  and Trail Networks British Columbia

Caledonia Nordic Ski Club - Cross Country, Hiking and Mountain Biking, Otway Nordic Centre, Prince George, British Columbia

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Greenway Trail Map

Prince George

Located 6.5km to the south of Burns Lake on Highway 35.

  • Nelson Nordic Ski Club - 25km of groomed trails (classic and skating), Night Skiing, Nelson, British Columbia
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    Heritage Inn, Nelson

    The trails are located about 16km south of Nelson off highway 6, take the turn off to Whitewater

The trails connect to the Silver Star Ski Resort Trails.

  • Skmana Ski Club (Skmana Lake) - Chase, British Columbia
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    Skmana uses the Skmana Lake trails which are located about 14km outside chase.


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BC Trails, Centers & Parks 

Manning Provincial Park - The park has over 30km of groomed trails for skiers and full rentals available at the nordic center. There area also an extesive network of backcountry trails for those with the skills and equipment.There are a number of designated trails in the park for snowshoeing and rentals are available if you don't have your own equipment. Winter camping is possible but if you don't have the gear (or the kahounas) you can stay at the parks down hill resort. Manning is located in the southwestern region of British Columbia about 3hrs from the city of Vancouver. From Vancouver take highway 1 to Hope then follow highway 3 into the park, Hope, British Columbia

Trans Canada Trail - An association dedicated to the completion of a cross Canada, multi-use trail. The trail would allow for cross country skiing, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, horse back riding along with other activities.

Yoho National Park - The park has exceptional backcountry and cross country skiing.

Kicking Horse Trail Novice 13km return
The trail starts at the natural bridge just south of the turn off to Emerald Lake. You can use the Tally Ho trail to access it. The trail is groomed. The trail starts along the road to the Emerald River then on to the Amiskwi River Bridge where you can take the fireroad to the Otterhead River. This trail is groomed.

Emerald Lake Circuit 5.2km Loop Novice
A mixed trail with skating and track set . The areas that are not tracked set are used often enough that they will rarely be untracked.

Emerald Basin Loop 5.3km Loop Novice
A nicely treed loop that begins at the back of Emerald Lake. You can combine it with the Emerald Lake Circuit. The trail is groomed.

Monarch Trail 12km return Novice
The trail starts just across the road from the park office then follows the Kickhorse River east. Across the highway, the trail heads up to the Monarch Campground. Be aware that the trail crosses avalanche chutes on the north side of the highway. The trail is groomed.

The Emerald Lake area has snowshoeing and of course the rest of the park (except for restricted areas which include the ski trails) are open to you. Avoid avalanche areas and check conditions before you set out. Inquire with the park about skill levels and equipment requirements. Rentals are available. While the park is easily accessible and gets a lot of visitors don't be fooled this is very much a wilderness area. Follow the Trans-Canada Highway (#1) west from Calgary through Banff National Park. Stay on the 1 at the split with the 93 and continue through kicking horse pass and into the park. Location Map , Park Map Canadian Avalanche Association Canadian Rockies, British Columbia

Wilderness outdoor activities are by their very nature inherently dangerous. Ensure you have the skill levels and equipment for the challenges you choose. Never go alone and consider hiring a guide.

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