Backpacking in Vancouver Coast & Mountains
  • Sea to Sky Trail This is a work in progress, and what a piece of work it is. Winding its way through some of the worlds most breathtaking scenery the trail is spectacular. With plans to go from south of Squamish, through Whistler, Pemberton and then on to D'Arcy it covers the best of the Sea to Sky area. The section from Squamish past Whistler is already open and the rest will be completed shortly. You can access this multiuse trail in several area for short hikes or you can attempt the whole 150kms.
You don't need to go far from the city to find complete wilderness for a solitary hike. This view is right behind North Vancouver



Garibaldi Provincial Park has some of the best backpacking in B.C.
  Sunshine Coast Trail This scenic wonder stretches from Sarah Point in the north to Saltery Bay in the south along the Sunshine Coast. It is an excellent extended backpack (riveling the West Coast Trail some say), or you can hike sections of it from various access points. If you're looking to do the whole thing, be prepared, it's 180km of tough wilderness but worth every step of the way. There are over 20 designated campsites to choose from on route, those in the northern section are very evenly spaced.
NOTE: Don't let the proximity to Vancouver fool you, the Coast and Mountains region is largely backcountry wilderness and you should ensure your equipment and skills are a match for the area. A trail rated intermediate in this area may well be considered expert, if you're from an area with rolling hills.
  • Baden-Powell Centenial '71 Trail - Sections in Cypress and Mount Seymour Provincial Parks.41.7km Expert, Sea to Sky. This trail takes you from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove along the mountains of the north shore. Two of these sections go through Cypress before continuing on to Grouse and Seymour, North Vancouver & West Vancouver, Vancouver Coast and Mountains, British Columbia
  • Black Tusk/Garibaldi Lake - Garibaldi Provincial Park, Squamish, Brackendale Sea to Sky. Taylor Meadows7.5km, Garibaldi Lake 9km From the Rubble Creek parking lot there are two trails which lead to designated campsites, the Garibaldi Lake trail and the Taylor Meadows Trial. The trial to Taylor Meadows begins 6km out of the parking lot along the Garibaldi Lake trail. To get to Taylor Lake will take you about 3 or 4 hours one way. The trail has an elevation change of just less than a 1000 meters. The Garibaldi Lake trail is probably the most popular and beautifu of all the parks trails. The trail moves through 800 meters of climbs and should take about 3 or 4 hours one way. From either campsite there are a number of other trails which can be hiked or joined together to extend you backpacking. There are pit toilets at the campsites. Open fires are not permitted, you are required to use a cookstove in the camping area.
  • Centennial Trial - Skagit Provincial Park, Fraser Valley. The trail connects the Skagit River Trail and the Skyline II trail. It runs parallel to the Silver/Skagit Road which is the parks main road.Vancouver Coast and Mountains
  • Cheakamus Lake - Garibaldi Provincial Park, Novice, Intermediate, 3km one way Backpacking into the Lake is easy from the parking lot, the trail is relatively flat and requires less than an hour one way. The area is beautiful with towering mountains
    reflected in the lake. There are two primitive camping areas but only the Sing Creek area is accessible by foot. This is a perfect place to introduce a novice to backpacking.
  • Diamond Head - Garibaldi Provincial Park, Novice, Intermediate, 22km return. From the parking lot at the top of Mamqam Road the trail climbs 600 meters over 11 kilometres. The trail follows a ridge, allowing for some excellent overviews of the area. The Elfin Lake hut at the end of the trail accommodates 34 people. There is a fee for overnighting. From Elfin lake you can take a day hike along the trail to the edge of Garibaldi Glacier. This trail is a great place to introduce a novice to backpacking since the hut lets you lighten the load you must carry, of course the distance is still significant.
  • Golden Ears Trail - Golden Ears Provincial Park, Fraser Valley, 12km one way 7hrs, elevation gain 1,500m, Difficult or Very Difficult. The West Canyon trail head is at the (surprise) West Canyon parking lot where you hike up to Alder Flats then tackle the real steeps through a series of switchbacks to Panorama Ridge. You will be rewarded by some impressive views. Camping is available at Alder Flats and Panorama Ridge. There is also a hut on the ridge which can accomodate up to eight hikers. Be prepared for winter conditions at any time of year.
  • Elsey Lake Trail - Mount Seymour Provincial Park, Difficult, 7km. Greater Vancouver, The trail head is easily accessible by car a short distance from Vancouver proper in Saymour Provincial Park. The first part of the trail follows the Mount Seymou Trail then splits off from it a little before First Pump Peak. From here the trail becomes more rugged and difficult. Route finding skills are essential. Camping is available at the trail end.
  • Howe Sound Crest Trail - Sections in Cypress Provincial Park.30km Very Difficult, Sea to Sky. This is a rugged trail that goes to Lions and Deeks Lake then descends to Hwy 99, south of Porteau Cove Provincial Park.This trail is for experienced hikers and backpackers only.North Vancouver & West Vancouver, Vancouver Coast and Mountains
  • Skagit River Trail - Skagit Provincial Park, Fraser Valley.An extended hike which follows Skagit River throughout the park. There is wilderness camping along the trail. Vancouver Coast and Mountains
  • Skyline II Trail - Skagit & Manning Provincial Park, Fraser Valley, 12.5km (one way), Difficult, This trail takes you to Mowich Camp in approximately 5 hours of hiking, at an elevation change of 469 meters. It drops into Despair Pass and goes passed Snow Camp and Lone Goat Mountains. This is an area of spectacular peaks and from mid July to mid August you will see an amazing display of wild flowers. Use Topographic Series Maps, Scale, 1:50,000, sheets 92H/02 (Manning Park) and 92H/03 (Skagit River) and 92H/07 (Princeton). These will cover most of the park and recreation areas that you'll need on this route.Vancouver Coast and Mountains
  • Silver Daisy Trail - Skagit & Manning Provincial Park, Fraser Valley. Running along side the silver daisy creek it runs to the summit of Silver Daisy Mountain and connects into the trail system in Manning Provincial Park. Vancouver Coast and Mountains
  • Singing Pass - Garibaldi Provincial Park, Sea to Sky, Intermediate, 7.5km one way. The trail through the pass is about 7.5km in length, ending at Russet Lake where you'll find campsites and a hut. On a clear day the sea of the mountains seem to go on forever. The trail takes 2 to 3 hours and rises about 600 meters in total. Vancouver Coast and Mountains
  • Skagit River Trail - Skagit Provincial Park, Fraser Valley, An extended hike which follows Skagit River throughout the park. There is wilderness camping along the trail. Vancouver Coast and Mountains
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