Climbing/Mountaineering in Vancouver Coast & Moutnains

While not the only place in the Coast and Mountain's region Squamish is getting the attention as an international destination for climbers. Could it be that mix of sport, bouldering and big wall climbing (amongst the top big wall climbing areas in North America) that's the major attractant. Squamish's' (sounds funny, don't it) Stratamus Chief is the best, most accessible big wall in Canada. There are dozens of routes of varying difficulties to keep you climbing for weeks.

  Amazingly enough, this temperate region also has some excellent ice climbing particularly near the town of Lilleot north of Whistler. Areas include Bridge River, Cayoosh Creek and Seton Lake. As ledgend has it, Shannon Falls freezes every five to seven years and allows climbers to try thier hand at an excellent extended climb with incredably easy access (hey, just drive into the parking lot) just outside Squamish.
The latest area to get some attention is Eldred Valley outside Powell River on the Sunshine Coast. This area has excellent big wall (and we are talking big) and sport climbing routes and it is still largely undeveloped. This situation won't last long, so if you want to try some new routes which haven't seen many (or any for that matter) climber this is where its at.
  • Capilano North Vancouver
  • Garibaldi/Black Tusk Squamish, Sea to Sky
  • Harrison Hotsprings Harrison
  • Lighthouse Park West Vancouver
  • Mt Combatant - Coast Mountans
  • Mt Waddington Coast Mountains, Prince George
  • Murrin Lake Squamish
  • Shannon Falls Squamish
  • Squamish Squamish
  • Smoke Bluffs - Squamish, Sea to Sky, Vancouver Coast and Mountains
  • Capilano Canyon Gorge - Capilano Canyon, Greater Vancouver
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  • Edge Climbing Center, The- BC: 604-984-9080
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  • Stonewall - Whistlers Rock Gym- BC: 604-938-9858
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